Sport in F├╝ssen

Fun with exercise

Anyone who does sport every day or every week knows: when the body is doing exercise, happiness hormones really are released. In F├╝ssen, the endorphines really are fizzing!

Directly at the Luitpold Park Hotel you can enjoy fitness training on the spinning bikes and test your endurance on the cross trainer. Or you can also concentrate on building the muscles ÔÇŽ

Furthermore, F├╝ssen's surrounding area - the holiday area of K├Ânigswinkel - offers the best opportunities for doing exercise in the open air. For example, you could do a cycle tour to one of the idyllic lakes, go hiking around the world famous Neuschwanstein Castle, just 4 kilometres away from our hotel. Or you could jog through the Luitpold Park right next to the hotel.

Feel at home on ice ÔÇŽ

F├╝ssen is a Mecca for ice sport fans and is well worth a visit for that reason. The National Centre for Sport in F├╝ssen offers ideal conditions for teams and ice sportsmen and sportswomen, providing professional and competent training.

The F├╝ssen Leopards also have their home in F├╝ssen. The EV F├╝ssen ice hockey club is legendary, playing in the top German league well into the 70's. Today it's a successful 4th division team. Even today, ice hockey has a very special significance in the town.

Train on the ice rinks of the ice hockey city of F├╝ssen, where sportsmen and spectators alike are inspired.