Holidays and Short Breaks in AllgÀu

A date with culture, sport and nature

Make a date with the holiday region of AllgĂ€u. During your holiday or short-break to the area, FĂŒssen is happy to have you get to know the city by sightseeing, museum visits, while hiking or while simply enjoying yourselves.

The festival hall, located right on Lake Forggen and opposite the King's Castles, as well as other organisations, inviite you all-year round to visit and experience the varied and colourful culture on offer in FĂŒssen.

Of lutes and wonderful architecture

FĂŒssen is the city of lute makers, who incidentally formed Europe's first lute makers guild here in 1562. Even if you're only here for a few days, and if you're interested in musical instruments, pay a visit to the FĂŒssen's city museum at the St. Mang monastery. It's worth it just to see the building!

In FĂŒssen and the surrounding area you will be enchanted by the magical buildings and architecture. Of special appeal is of course Neuschwanstein Castle, enthroned just 4 kilometres away from your Luitpold Park Hotel in magical AllgĂ€u.

Keep on moving in – even during a short-break in AllgĂ€u

We have a range of suggestions for your date with the active region:

  • Wonderful cycling and hiking in the mountains
  • Play tennis and golf with the beautiful backdrop of the Alps
  • Laid-back motorbiking along Romantic Avenue
  • Lift off in isolation with paragliding
  • Swim, dive and surf in and on the lakes in the region - for example Lake Forggen, White Lake or Lake Hopfen

Mini-breaks in AllgÀu: Relaxing prospects for nature

Whatever you do, don't miss out on an experience with AllgĂ€u's nature. During your holiday or short break you can easily get up to the Alps using the cable cars around FĂŒssen. If you take the Tegelberg cable car, you'll even get a bird's eye view of Neuschwanstein Castle.

Another highlight is the Lech Waterfall. Just south of FĂŒssen, the river cascades 12 meters into the foaming depths. The Forest Adventure Centre with its themed routes, forest playground and tree-top trail is an attraction for young and old where everyone can have their fun.

Always the right places - with us for your holiday or short break in AllgÀu

At the Luitpold Park Hotel we welcome you all-year round for a 4* stay. Reserve our packages now ... Along with the overnight stay there are also attractive services included in your holiday and short break in AllgĂ€u. Visit us "in every season“ in FĂŒssen or book some relaxing days over Christmas and the New Year.