Füssen Spa - Relaxing in the Allgäu

Sauna & Wellness Centre (Textile Free Area)

Our spa in Füssen is your place for relaxation. Encounter the magic of wellness during your stay at Luitpoldpark Hotel. Like a gentle breeze, relaxation comes over you in our Füssen spa almost unnoticeably - only to captivate with a feeling of deep tranquillity.

Treat yourself to a full spa in Füssen. Our sauna & wellness centre with a fitness area spreads out over 3 connected floors. At 1,500 m2, a satisfied smile is easily conjured on your face during your visit to our spa.

Sauna at Füssen Spa

The Finnish sauna in our sauna area welcomes you with its dry heat. Your body temperature rises just slightly. You can unwind with ease during your session in the sauna. How nice to put yourself first.

After the 90°C relaxation session, next comes the cool-off and rest phase. Together they form a single unit to boost circulation and metabolism. Your first session in the sauna is meant to last 10-15 minutes at most.

Increased air humidity, and therefore lower temperatures at about 60°C, are provided for a more gentle sweat in our bio-sauna and in the steam bath. But the same is true here: Simple relaxation at the spa in Füssen.

Experience the diffusion of warmth in our infrared sauna. It generates better blood flow in the muscles and strengthens your immune system. It can feel so good to do something for your own health ...

Füssen Spa: Energy in water

Between your sessions in the sauna, our energy showers, and the Kneipp station offer various options for you to revitalise with cool water. Feel the pleasant tingling sensation in your body - that's the tingle of relaxation.

Unwinding at Füssen Spa

If you want to refuel with some "indoor sun," then use our modern sunbeds and be delighted at your cool, even tan.

Enjoy pure idleness in the Mediterranean relaxation room. Lay yourself down on our relaxing couches and take a nap while smiling to yourself dreamily.